Summative Assessment Procedures

  1. You will be working throughout a standard to complete all learning opportunities and reach a 80-100% on all of your formatives. Formatives will generally be written at a 2.0 - 3.0 level. Intervention time can be used for voluntary tutoring to receive help on particular concepts or mandatory tutoring time if you fall behind on your work.
  2. Everyone in the class tests on the same day. Notification of summative testing day will be given at least a week prior to test. (Test date may be subject to change, to a later date, at the teacher’s discretion.)
    • In cases of planned absences or school trips, you must schedule a time with your teacher to take the summative.
    • In cases of unplanned absences, you will take the summative on your first day back.
    • In cases of extenuating circumstances, you need to meet with your teacher on the first day back to schedule your summative.
  3. If you obtain a score equal to or greater than a 2.5, the grade will be recorded. If you desire to demonstrate a deeper understanding of a standard and raise your grade, you will be reassessed. Reassessment will include collaboration with your teacher(s) to design and complete a project (presentation, demonstration, digital story, skit, iMovie, or other) to show knowledge of a power standard(s). A traditional reassessment may only be given if applicable to the subject or power standard and you have demonstrated further learning. With approval from all teachers involved, projects can be cross-curricular and cover multiple power standards within a class or for different classes. Quality over quantity; with an emphasis on creativity, innovation, and connections between subject areas.
  4. If you obtain a score equal to or less than 2.0 and the learning opportunities and formatives were completed prior to testing, your teacher can review verbally, retest, use completed work, and use other documents to provide evidence to assign a grade for that power standard.
  5. If you obtain a score equal to or less than 2.0 and the learning opportunities and formatives were not completed prior to testing, you will enter a mandatory two week recovery period in which all learning opportunities and formatives are completed during intervention time or outside of regular class time. You may then reassess. If after two weeks you have not been reassessed, your teacher can refer you to the intervention team where an individualized intervention plan will be designed for you.
  6. Credit for a class will not be received until all power standards are complete.