Grading Scale

Standards-Based Grading

There are two grading scales used to determine your grade. The summative grading scale is used to determine the grade for a particular summative and power standard. The semester grading ranges are used to determine a cumulative grade for all power standards covered during a semester. This will be the grade recorded in your transcript.

Summative Grading Scale

4.0 A Exceeding Target

3.5 A-

3.0 B+ Meeting Target

2.5 B

2.0 C Nearing Target

1.5 D

1.0 F

Semester Grading Ranges

3.71 to 4.0 A

3.3 to 3.7 A-

2.8 to 3.29 B+

2.3 to 2.79 B

1.8 to 2.29 C

1.5 to 1.79 D

0 to 1.49 F

Aurora R-VIII Grades 7 - 12 Standards Based Scale with descriptors.pdf

Aurora R-VIII Standards Based Grading Scale (Grades 7-12)