"IMPACT Learning Initiative Announcement"

Aurora Schools announces our IMPACT Learning Initiative as well as our upcoming Family Information Nights over the use of iPads for our K-8 students.


Episode 1: "Storing Your New Earbuds"

Jayden explains to students how to store their new earbuds so they don't get tangled or damaged.

Episode 2: "Digital Citizenship Toothpaste Challenge"

Robinson Elementary students learn about digital citizenship by participating in the Toothpaste Challenge.

Episode 3: "How to Clean Your iPad"

Luke and Kayden learn how to clean an iPad screen.


Session 1: "Using TeacherEase to Generate Homeroom Student Reports"

Mr. Twenter explains how to create student reports in TeacherEase for your homeroom students.

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Session 2: "NWEA & NVDA"

Mr. Twenter explains how to use the NVDA software for text-to-speech accommodations with the NWEA MAP Growth assessment.

Session 3: "SMART Notebook, Pt. 1"

Ms. Jones explains some of the features of SMART Notebook.

Session 4: "SMART Notebook, Pt. 2"

Ms. Jones explains how to use some of SMART Notebook's SMART Lab features, specifically Rank Order, Match 'Em Up, Speedup, and Game Show.

Session 5: "SMART Notebook, Pt. 3"

Ms. Jones explains how to use some of SMART Notebook's features, specifically Lesson Recorder, Monster Quiz, Shout It Out, Response 2, and Activity Builder.

Session 6: "Substitute Teacher Plans That Integrate Technology"

Mrs. Shaw explains how teachers can integrate technology into their substitute teacher plans.

Session 7: "Finding & Sharing Information Easily with Feedly"

Mr. Twenter explains how to use Feedly to collect information from around the web (without running all over the internet) and how to share that information with others.

Session 8: "iOS 11 Screen Recording"

Mrs. Shaw explains how to use Control Center to record your screen in iOS 11.

Session 9: "Settings Search Bar, Searching for Apps, & Control Center in iOS 11"

Mr. Twenter explains how to search in the settings menu, how to search for apps on a device, and how to add controls to the Control Panel.

Session 10: "How to Change Your Passcode and Passcode Type in iOS 11"

Mr. Twenter explains how to set your passcode in iOS11 and how to change the passcode type from a 4-digit code to a 6-digit, custom, or alphanumeric code.

Session 11: "How to Use Apple's Handoff Feature"

Mr. Twenter explains how to use Apple's Handoff feature to share information and open apps between devices quickly.

Session 12: "How to Edit Using WeVideo"

Mr. Twenter explains how to edit videos imported into WeVideo.