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 Power Standard # Description
1Differentiate between types of statistics, statistical collection processes and statistical terms, and investigate the four basic sampling techniques; solve problems using these techniques
2Compare, identify, graph, and calculate the different measures of central tendencies, dispersion, and position and differentiate descriptive data by using types of frequency distributions and ogive curves.
3Compare, investigate, and formulate permutations and combinations, probability and probability distribution
4Formulate a binomial distribution and determine the probability of success, the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a binomial distribution
5Formulate the normal curve and its properties, determine probabilities for a normally distributed curve, and find values from percentages
6Construct confidence intervals for means and determine proper sample size
7Critique hypotheses testing, find critical values and identify Type I and Type II errors
8Draw conclusions through testing the differences between two sample means, variances, and standard deviations.
9Formulate the knowledge of correlation, be able to construct scatter plots, demonstrate the knowledge of regression, and be able to determine and construct a line of best fit