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Spanish V

1My Family and CommunitiesLearners can understand, summarize, reflect on, and analyze authentic readings, videos, and descriptions about family and communities. They can ask about, justify, and support opinions about family and community relationships, as well as express hopes, dreams and concerns about these relationships. They can narrate and elaborate on events in the present, past, and future. They can also state, justify, and support opinions about relationships and solutions for relationship issues. First Semester Weeks 1-3
2My Personal and Public Identities and ImmigrationLearners can read, view, understand, interpret, and synthesize readings and short films about personal and public identities, as well as immigration and human rights issues in countries around the world. They can identify, describe, and share their own personal identity, values, beliefs, and political views. They can also debate different viewpoints about cultural identity, immigration, and human rights issues. Additionally, they can propose solutions to issues concerning cultural identity, immigration and human rights, and persuade others. Finally, they can compare cultural identity, immigration and human rights issues in countries around the world.First Semester Six Weeks
3World Artistic Heritage of SpainLearners can describe some aspects of the history and diversity of Spain. They can understand, interpret, and analyze presentations about Spain, Spanish literature, and history. They can discuss literary works from Spain and the influence that Spain and Spain's history has had on the rest of the world. They can research and present about different regions of Spain, including a variety of information in an engaging and intriguing manner.First Semester Six Weeks
4Innovations in Science and TechnologyLearners can understand, describe, and debate the influences of science, media, and technology on our lives now and in the future. Learners can also investigate and present the history of a certain aspect of science, media or technology, and/or invent, propose and persuade others about a new invention.Six Weeks
5Global ChallengesLearners can understand and discuss global environmental challenges, keeping various perspectives in mind. Several important perspectives they will understand more are those of various groups of indigenous people from in the Spanish-speaking world. They can understand short films and presentations about global, environmental, and indigenous issues, as well as interpret and analyze readings on these topics. They can converse about, explain, and present about global issues, as well as persuade others on these topics.Six Weeks
6Contemporary Life: CareersLearners can navigate the world of work/working environments and apply for work. They can understand short films, presentations, and readings about various working and economic situations. Learners can describe current economic situations in Spanish-speaking countries. Learners can reflect on their own interests and aspirations for future work, as well as read several curriculum vitae and write their own. Finally, they will role-play a job interview, playing the roles of both the interviewer and the interviewee.Six Weeks