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Spanish II





Mis amigos y yo

Learner will participate as a contestant in a mock dating game that requires understanding and articulation of the following in the target language: general introductions; appropriate greetings; descriptive characteristics; describe daily activities (dream dates); likes and dislikes (must include emphasis and/or clarification).


Reclutamiento de estudiantes de intercambio

Learner will create a recruiting advertisement in the target language that includes the following: map with description; summary of community environment; typical home stay in Aurora; points of interest in Aurora/surrounding communities (top 10 suggestions); use of the following verbs: estar, querer, poder;other -ar, -er, ir regular verbs as needed.


La vida diaria

Learner will create a 1 day video journal in the target language that includes the following: commentary of daily activities in the target language; discussion in target language comparing cultural daily activities; visual aid/graphic organizer to compare cultural daily activities.


iAdelante con los estudios!

Learner will participate in a group debate scenario in the target language that includes the following: stated position; supporting facts/arguments; comparisons; future tense verb usage.


iPonte en forma…!

Learner will present a fitness program, in the target language, for themselves or a partner that includes the following: activities, dietary suggestions, and sleep requirements for a healthy lifestyle using informal commands.


De visita en la ciudad

Learner will create a tourist brochure, in the target language, for a specified US city that has a strong Spanish influence that includes the following: graphics, authentic pictures with citations, attractions, typical meal options, points of interest, and lodging options.


¿Conoces bien tu pasado?

Learner will create a video history with narration, in the target language, of their childhood that incorporates the use of the imperfect tense and comparisons to their life today as a young adult.



Upon completion of an investigative interview, in the target language, the learner will create a summary report of the interview placing emphasis on answering 5 key questions (who, what, where, when and why) and utilization of the preterite tense of the verb decir, adjectives utilizing -ismo, and superlatives.


Un día en el mercado

Learner will create a map of a local store, in the target language, and then give directions utilizing formal commands navigation to specific items located in the store.



Learner will create a fairy tale, in the target language, that utilizes multiple verb tenses including: present, present progressive, simple future, preterite, and imperfect.


Nuestro medio ambiente

Learner will create a PSA, in the target language that draws attention to an environmental concern that include: the use of double negatives to describe the problem; expression of agreement and disagreement; obligation utilizing si clauses; solutions utilizing nosotros commands.


Una cartera de prestaciones

Learner will create a summative performance portfolio that includes the following: one artifact for each competency (5 C’s); demonstration of the 4 essential skills (reading, writing, listening & speaking); one summary per artifact that includes background on how it was created; one reflection for each competency.