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Spanish I

Power  Standard

Module Name



El mundo hispanohablante

Learner will present, in the target language, an introduction to the class that includes the following: proper forms of address; correctly stated age of subject; correct verb conjugation; correct spelling of subject’s name; proper salutation; correct identification of country and capital city.


Un día típico

Learner will create a virtual tutorial that includes the following: link to previous knowledge in English; logical progression of grammatical concepts; graphic organizer; accurate information, audio element; guided practice element.


Cartel de se busca

Learner will create a wanted poster, in the target language,  that includes the following: proper name of wanted individual; nickname of wanted individual; 3 likes and 3 dislikes of wanted individual; physical description of individual (including: height, weight eye color); reward offered for the capture of the wanted individual, date of birth; picture of wanted individual.


Los deportes

Learner will create a sports report ,in the target language, that includes the following: team standing utilizing ordinal numbers; upcoming matches utilizing the simple future tense; an interview utilizing interrogatives; a video clip of the sports event discussed.


El tiempo

Learner will create a weather report, in the target language, that includes the following: correct utilization of hace expressions; accurate conversations for both Celsius and Fahrenheit; accurate utilization for present progressive tense; understanding of season in relation to location of country; graphic organizer that includes a map, temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and a five-day forecast with graphics.


Las noticias

Learner will create a newscast, in the target language, that includes the following: create a newscast that includes the following elements: top story, weather, advertisement, sports segment, human interest school related story; utilize a variety of verb tenses including: present, present progressive, simple future; utilize a variety of vocabulary that includes:irregular verbs, regular verbs, Unit 1-5 topic vocabulary; include a cross curricular element; perform the final product in the target language; provide a group and personal evaluation; provide link to final project video.


La casa de mis sueños

Learner will create a virtual dream home tour, in the target language, that includes the following: narrative description of the home that aligns with provided graphic; identification of family members living in the home and identification of their personal space within the home;  discussion of daily responsibilities of family members in relation to the home; use of the following grammatical concepts: negation, possessive adjectives, personal a, use of stem changing verbs studied, correct use of deber and tener que, prepositional phrases


El restaurante

Learner will create and run, in the target language, a typical restaurant in a Spanish speaking country that includes the following: a menu with authentic cuisine offerings based on location of restaurante; demonstration of cultural practices regarding the following: typical meals depending on time of day, dress/clothing expectations, ordering protocol, order of meal elements, accurate check/bill in appropriate currency based on location of the restaurant, appropriate tipping standards


Un viaje al hospital

Learner will create and act out a scenario of a trip to the emergency room, in the target language, that includes the following: script in Google docs shared with instructor; patient complaint including location and description of ailment; doctor investigation of patient complaint; doctor diagnoses and suggested treatment protocol


Policía de la moda

Learner will create a fashion show (real or virtual), in the target language, that includes the following: description of clothing being showcased; discussion / comparison of sizing; pricing; use of the present progressive tense; use of the preterite tense; identification of indigenous dress.


Un viaje al extranjero

Learner will create a virtual travel journal, in the target language, that demonstrates understanding of the following items: airport protocol; travel advisories; travel requirements (shots, visa, passport, etc.); how to make a hotel reservation; identification of three common sites and/or activities for visitors in target country (historical preferred but not required); budgeting travel expenses; preterite tense verbs; conocer vs saber to express familiarity or knowledge; stem changing verbs (-car, -gar, -zar); bargaining while shopping; visual aides/graphics/pictures to highlight and enhance project.


Una cartera de prestaciones

Learner will create a summative performance portfolio that includes the following: one artifact for each competency (5 C’s); demonstration of the 4 essential skills (reading, writing, listening & speaking); one summary per artifact that includes background on how it was created; one reflection for each competency.