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Music Appreciation

 Power Standard #  Description
1 Evaluate the impact music has on your life.
2 Identify, notate, interpret, and perform basic music symbols and rhythm patterns.
3 Define and apply music terminology in a listening context and through writing and discussion.
4 Discuss the impact of music technology on the music industry and experiment with music technology mediums such as music notation software, recording and mixing devices, and electronic instruments.
5 List the periods of Western art music chronologically and identify important genres, composers, and characteristics of each era.
6 Classify Western popular music of the 20th and 21st Centuries into genres and identify important musicians and characteristics of each genre.
7 Examine musical practices of world music traditions and compare and contrast these practices with Western music.
8 Assess the role of music in culture and society and identify key musicians, events, and/or movements involved.