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 Power Standard # Description
1Students will be able to formulate testable questions, design and perform appropriate experiments to accurately gather and analyze data to reach a conclusion that is supported by their data.
2Students will be able to explain how energy flows through an ecosystem
and demonstrate how changes to the ecosystem can affect a food web.
3Students will be able to explain the relationships found between organisms and how they maintain balance within a community and what affect they have on populations size and composition.
4Students will be able to identify the role of cell structures and analyze how they allow the cell to perform the basic functions of all living things.
5Students will be able to Compare the processes of cellular respiration and
photosynthesis, and analyze the factors that affect them, and how they are interrelated.
6Students will be able to illustrate and distinguish between the processes that demonstrate how chromosomes are passed from one cell to daughter cells and from parents to offspring during reproduction.
7Students will be able to construct and interpret monohybrid crosses to
predict the probability of traits in future generations.
8Students will be able to identify the structures which make up DNA and
RNA, and their functions (such as coding and protein synthesis), and explain how differences or
changes in them affect an organism.
9Students will be able to explain the process of natural selection, how it is
affected by an organism’s ability to survive, and how it can affect diversity.